DAY 4-

I began my solo journey on a bus in Playa Jaco. I opted for the bus with a direct route and a/c for my first bus experience in Costa Rica (keep in mind I lived in the country for 13 years-not sure how I escaped the bus before). I arrove in Tamarindo midday, ordered a ceviche at the beach bar of the Hotel Diria, checked the waves (super wind blown) and my friends called saying "walk up the street to the " la ferria" (local farmer's market) we are here!" They were part of a local organic farmer's market presenting their organic vino. I helped pack up the car and we headed to Playa Negra. We arrived at their beautiful house that looked like the house from "Swiss family Robinson", all open air, round with three levels. Their son led me to the top floor that would be my room and the first thing I saw was my Buddha sitting at peace in a big open space. The one personal belonging that I left behind in Costa Rica when I moved to the states was this Buddha. The Buddha holds many special meanings in my life and helped me through potentially the hardest time I had ever known. After settling in I came down to a big lunch spread of various cheeses, bread, and salads. I drank about 5 glasses of water, I just could not get enough becuase of the heat. I love the heat. I'm soaking it up along with the humidity, my skin makes me look at least 5 years yournger than I do in dry Colorado. Following lunch, my mind was on one thing. SURFING. GET ME TO THE OCEAN & IN THE WATER. We took two boards to share, I brougth the GoPro, my Nikon, and my iPhone (the iPhone died with a big splash-no a big deal, happy to disconnect with it). The waves were pretty big and all the good local surfers were out stealing all the waves at the main surf spot in Negra, so we walked down to "sandy beach" a beach break without rocks (safer for less experienced surfers). Super fun waves, I caught most of them with Marielos and rode them in as "party waves" together, laughing and having a blast. My arms were on fire, becuase the board was fat and it took serious strength to duck dive it. For sunset I did a photo shoot for a friend's fifteen year old Costa Rica-German daughter who was an absolute natural beauty and super innocent and pure spirit. This is very typical of the children raised in small beach towns in Costa Rica, they hold and innocence and purity for many more years than our over-exposed children in the USA. To end the day we shared a lovely dinner and movie (The Hundred Foot Journey). One of the best films I have seen in some time. Slept like a rock.



We speak a mix of English, Spanish, French and German between the 6 of us. It is a surprise with each conversation what language gets to lead, we all have different native languages so we take turns.





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