Distinctively designed for the outdoor athlete, Volo yoga embraces all components for maintaining the optimal performance level of the body and mind. Volo prepares the active enthusiast by providing injury prevention, mental focus and visualization techniques, increasing flexibility, strength, agility, and balance. The post activity recovery process is achieved through Volo Yoga’s inversion and restorative therapy.




  • Preps and recovers the athlete for peak performance.

  • Restores overworked muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

  • Crafts better body mindfulness while increasing overall dexterity.

  • Low impact core and upper body strengthening and toning effects.

  • Stretch deeper with less tension and safely supported.

  • Expand constricted joints and increase mobility.

  • Releasing compression while aligning the spinal column.

  • Achieve innovative yoga inversions without neck or back compression.

  • Inversion therapy allows gravity to naturally realign the body, improve circulation and clarify the mind.

  • Pressure and release techniques open energetic flow.

  • Boosts self-confidence through conquering basic fears.

  • Instills trust in others and self while empowering the ability to “let go”.

  • Embrace challenging yoga asanas longer and in precise alignment.

  • Evolutionary progression beyond the yoga mat practice.


Volo Yoga Benefits



Volo aerial yoga has opened the doors to a larger population in pursuit of improving their physical, mental and spiritual health.  This method welcomes participants of all ages, sizes and physical abilities by offering specialized classes in a progression of levels.  The supportive silk hammock which is the basis for the practice, lends itself to easy and safe position modifications while assuring proper alignment.  For those recovering from injury, the restorative approach to the method provides the bridge of return to normal exercise and movement in a safe and therapeutic way.