Volo Yoga classes are currently offered at Pura Vida Fitness and Spa, Denver's premiere health club. The brand new fourth floor hosts a Queenax suspension studio, with ground to ceiling glass windows and mountain views has a specialized lighting and speaker system creating the ultimate Volo aerial yoga experience! Classes can also be found at two other outstanding Denver locations; The Pilates Loft and Pinehurst Country Club.





Volo Float

A delicious, soothing class designed for unwinding at the days end. Float focuses on deep relaxation for the body and mind. Students are cradled in the silk hammock in a variety of floating positions and float through slow and graceful movements to transform the self to a mindful state of awareness. Athletes can use this time for visualization and mental focus techniques to achieve better performance results. Acceptable for beginners to aerial yoga and yoga in general. Anyone can float!





Volo Flow 1

A yoga asana class where the creative juices of each individual instructor flourish and transfer from their mat practice to the air. Inversion therapy and decompression of the spine will be integrated dynamically in this practice. During this class the athlete is developing strength, agility, balance and increasing their overall mobility and flexibility. The Volo Flow classes will be offered in various levels, from beginner to advanced.




Volo Flow 2/Invert

A more advanced class where students will hold inversions for longer durations and transition through positions in challenging ways, including flips. A strong focus will be on amplifying upper body and core strength, balance, and improving yoga asana inversions. Skills obtained can be returned to the mat yoga class with positive results. It is recommended to be familiar with the hammock by taking any other Volo classes before seeking an Invert class, but it is not required. This is for the comfort and benefit of the student. 





Volo Restore

An approach where the silk hammock hangs very low to the ground and full restoration of the body and mind is achieved. This deeply therapeutic practice may focus on target areas, subtle to deep releases, and increase mobility in a safe and non-intimidating way. An exceptional transition to physical activity after an injury or surgery. Athletes will benefit by using this as a post activity renewal for their bodies and mental release for ther minds. Volo Restore is for everybody and every body!





Volo Adapt

A program launched specifically for AAS (Adaptive Action Sports) in Copper Mountain, CO. This is the first aerial yoga program of its kind, designed for the competitive athlete in training for the US Paralympic Snowboard Team. Founders of AAS, Daniel Gale and Amy Purdy came to Volo Yoga and expressed a need for the athletes training in their program to have pre and post competition yoga work in order to enhance performance and prevent injuries. This program will take on an evolutionary approach intiating with AAS and transitioning to other Adaptive Sports programs throughout the nation.



Volo Methods