Volo Yoga in the Press

Summer 2015

Studio Profiles

by Colorado Yoga Magazine


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July 2015

The Absolute Best Colorado Workouts for You

by Jayme Moye


Wether you're into free weights, high-intensity interval training, spin classes, yoga, or gymnastics, we've found 29 places in Denver-and beyond!--to break a sweat!

If you can get past the onslaught of shiny, happy, pretty people at Pura Vida, Cherry Creek's five-floor health club and spa boasts some of the most comprehensive yoga programming in the state and, as of April, became one of the first clubs in the country to offer aerial yoga with its monthly membership. Click for article.


May 2015

Take Flight with Volo Yoga at Pura Vida Fitness and Spa

by Ellen Marchman at Get Ink Public Relations


Welcome the summer season like a true Denverite by taking flight a mile high in Colorado—a mile high in a silk, blue hammock, that is.

Pura Vida Fitness & Spa, the nationally accredited fitness and health sanctuary in Cherry Creek, expands the conventional theory of mind/body balance with the recent launch of VOLO Yoga, a distinct method of aerial yoga that’s both stimulating and fun.

The program’s founder Harmony Hoefner, a former competitive snowboarder and master yoga instructor, developed different levels that anyone in pursuit of improving their mind, body and spirit could enjoy.

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April 2015

Take off with Volo Aerial Yoga

by Joana Canals at KWGN Channel 2 News Denver


It is a cross between sky diving, hanging upside down like a bat and relaxing in a hammock. It is the latest workout at Pura Vida in Cherry Creek North. Colorado’s Best host and AFAA certified trainer, Joana Canals tried out the new class in their suspension studio. Click for show.

April 2015

Volo Yoga Takes Flight at Pura Vida

by Ellen Marchman at Get Ink PR


Pura Vida Fitness Club and Spa, the nationally accredited fitness and health mecca in Denver, continues to evolve the conventional theory of mind/body balance with the debut of Volo Yoga. Volo founder Harmony Hoefner, a former competitive snowboarder and master yoga instructor, developed 4 signature methods of aerial yoga from over a decade of expertise in Costa Rica. Created for the adventurous athlete in pursuit of improving mind, body and spirit, the distinctive methods including: Click for article.

April 2015

Aerial Yoga Takes Off In Denver

by Spencer Campbell

Pura Vida offers specially designed classes that will bolster your yoga routine.  Aerial yoga sounds more like theater than fitness. “People automatically think Cirque du Soleil,” says Keith Moore, general manager of Pura Vida Fitness and Spa, which began offering aerial yoga classes in March. But sometimes even diehard yogis get tired of doing the same ole downward-facing dog. Click for article.



March 2015

Volo Yoga With Harmony Hoefner

by BeEssence Team

What exactly does VOLO Yoga Mean?

Volo = flight (in Italian). Volo Yoga is a method of aerial yoga.Volo Yoga is for the outdoor adventurous spirit, the week-end warrior who trains in a gym during the week & goes to the mountains on the week-ends to enjoy hiking, jogging, rock climbing, mountain biking, rafting/kayaking, skiing/snowboarding, surfing and more. Volo Yoga is an exceptional form of cross-training to recalibrate the body through suspension therapy and prepare it for a wide range of outdoor mountain activities. Click for article.