Aerial Yoga Silk Hammock in Turquoise Sizzle!


Fabric Specs:

  • 7 yards in length

  • 110" wide

  • Professional grade 40 Denier Nylon Tricot fabric

  • 9-12 ft. ceilings recommeded

  • Fabric supports up to 2,500 pds. of dynamic weight

*color may vary slightly from image.



Black Diamond Mini Pearabiner Screwgate Carabiners


Two carabiners are included for a double point hammock. The carabiners are rated to hold over 2,500 pds. of dynamic weight. The carabiners will be connected directly to the silk fabric, hooking into a safe & secure figure eight knot tied at each end of the fabric.  It is always best to connect fabric to metal for less wear and tear.


The carabiner will connect to the user's selection of anchored connectors. The length of the anchor connectors will depend on the ceiling or hanging height. It is recommended to use top grade climbing runners by a reputable climbing company as the connectors. The anchors in the ceiling will need to be installed by a qualified engineer and rated to support at least 2,500 pounds of dynamic weight.

OG Sack Tote


Handmade in Colorado this amazing and innovative tote will compliment your active and enviroment friendly lifestyle. Sustainability strong: for each tote purchased a tree is planted.

Black on Black  is part of our ‘Made in Colorado Series’. We set out to create a bag that differs in very positive ways from your standard gym and grocery/around town bag.


  • Adjustable straps on the front of our bag fit any size yoga mat.

  • Removable, hand washable, three pocket liner.

  • Bag is large enough to hold the equivalent of three plastic grocery sacks.

  • Multi-Strap System gives you the choice to carry your OG Sack Backpack Style, Tote Style or Messenger Style.

  • Each OG Sack is handmade, so we can ensure you get the highest quality product.

  • OG Sacks are made with the same materials used for mountaineering bags.

  • Removable, hand washable liner makes for easy cleaning. This liner can be changed out with other available liners, such as cooler liners, laptop liners & limited addition designed liners.

  • Breathable padding in the back of the bag & strap.

  • Outside of the bag is made with 1,000 Denier Cordura, the liner is made with durable Pack Cloth.





Purchase a Volo Yoga Hammock Kit


Want to share your Volo Yoga experience with family or friends at home? Or maybe you enjoy adventure travel and would hang your hammock from a tree? Or possibily you simply want the comfort of using your own personal aerial hammock during your Volo Yoga classes at the studio? Volo Yoga produces an aerial hammock kit that can meet all of your needs. The kit includes three parts: aerial yoga silk hammock fabric, 2 Black Diamond Carabiners, and a Colorado handmade OG Sack Tote to transport your Volo Yoga Hammock. Price: $295; for orders email: