Founder, Harmony Hoefner, a Colorado native who immersed herself in the yoga culture in Costa Rica for over a decade has returned to her roots and is now ready to take flight! Harmony has lived her life as an extreme sports enthusiast. From competitive snowboarding to taking on the challenges of teaching her two kids to surf and ski, she has devoted her life to conquering the sports of her geographic surroundings. She spent most of her snowboarding days in Crested Butte, CO extreme free riding, jumping cliffs and challenging the guys on the mountain to try and keep up with her. In the mid 90's her passion for riding had her competing in bordercross and slope style events, but she was well known for being a strong Big Air contender. To help with her training she picked up yoga and fell in love with the practice. She got her original yoga teacher training in Aspen, CO and became dedicated to advancing her knowledge on how the ancient traditions could complement her extreme lifestyle.


     Having accomplished so much in the mountain towns of Colorado snowboarding, downhill mountain biking and rock-climbing she packed up her life and moved to Costa Rica so she could pursue new sports in a warmer climate. She spent 13 years teaching yoga to others and herself how to surf, kayak, longboard, and among various other outdoor activities, how to do yoga on a stand-up paddle board. She started teaching SUP yoga and is still an ambassador to Nocqua Adventure Gear. Needing to find a new outlet for fitness while mothering two young children, Harmony decided to get trained in a number of fitness and suspension fitness techniques. With years of training to back her she opened Flying Fitness Studio in Escazu, CR and offered a wide variety of classes to her loyal following of students. Flying Fitness had classes like suspension fitness, pilates, pole fitness, barre and aerial yoga; and she found the therapeutic effects of doing yoga with a hammock to be a real game changer. Trying several of the big names in aerial yoga and becoming trained to teach it herself, she felt compelled to develop her own method that would cross train and restore athletes while still being fun and accessible to everyone!


     Channeling her years of experience into creating Volo Yoga, Harmony is excited to share some of the unique insights she has learned about experiencing a stress free and meaningful life. As a true follower of her heart and naturally curious spirit, Harmony organically found an instant connection with aerial yoga. Her life experiences inspired her to develop a purposeful aerial program that will support athletes on all spectrums while simultaneously being beneficial and accessible to anyone with an interest in improving their health, no matter their current lifestyle. 

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